The Artist

These are the wandering journeys of a thoughtful mind, a passionate eye, an eccentric wit and an earth loving heart through the landscape with camera, paintbrush, pen and field notebook in hand.

I'm a freelance photographer, artist, graphic designer and wordsmith by calling, someone with her roots planted deep in the good dark soil of the eastern Ontario highlands. After chalking up a diversity of experience in the legal sector, telecommunications, graphic design, writing, and marketing, I had dreams of flying solo and opened the KerrdeLune Design Works a few years ago.  I've never been happier, and I've never looked back - but I sometimes wonder how I managed to survive for so many years, toiling away in the entrails of large urban corporations.

There is a wildness to these eldering days that feeds me, and I couldn't live without it. All nature is my canvas, and the sweeping north wind my brush - the turning seasons compose the symphony, orchestrate the score and write the choreography of my random wanderings.  My happiest hours are spent rambling the woods and hills and fens of the beautiful Lanark Highlands, and the camera is my third eye - the clear and ever present lens through which I see earth and the heavens, connect with them in a profound, painterly and elemental way and filters my experience of the living world. Call it simply an ongoing study in Mono no aware (物の哀れ).

A naturalist all my days, I'm an ardent devotee of twilight, full moons, liminal spaces and the wild wisdom which sustains the cosmos, confessing cheerfully also to a love of old trees, meandering rivers, weathered rail fences and starry, starry nights. I entertain hopes of authenticity, wildness, rude good health and enlightenment somewhere up the trail, but for now I am content to ramble and wonder and just breathe in and out.