Recent Sightings

Doors to the Universe, Dolores Stewart Riccio
Dolores Stewart Riccio (writing as Dolores Stewart) recently published a beautiful collection of poems called Doors to the Universe. The book takes its inspiration from the natural world, and each and every poem is a wonder - I return to the poems time and again for comfort, nurture and sustenance. The cover photo on Dolores' exquisite volume of poetry is one of my summer moon photos, and I was truly touched when she wrote to ask if she could use it.

Doors to the Universe
can be ordered online at Bellowing Ark Press, and subscriptions to their superb small press literary journal may also be purchased at the site. I have always been fond of this fey literary enterprise which takes its name from Dylan Thomas' sublime Prologue:

Hark: I trumpet the place,
From fish to jumping hill! Look:
I build my bellowing ark to the best
of my love as the flood begins...

The French Republican Calendar
Last year, Waverly Fitzgerald of the School of the Seasons and I collaborated a calendar using the themes and motifs of the republican calendar devised during the French Revolution of 1789–1799. Waverly created the elegant design and shared pearls from her vast treasure trove of folklore and traditions related to the seasons and the turning year - I provided the photos.

A new year is peeking over the horizon, and Waverly will be publishing another calendar for 2010, but details are not yet available.

Do spend some time reading while you are visiting Waverly's site - it is a cornucopia of treasures relating to time and the seasons, and it is one of my favorite web places ever.

Orchid Photos
The special orchid issue of the Perth Courier, published in June, featured two of my photos of the Lanark Highlands' most beautiful and elusive wildflower, the shy and sumptuous Showy Lady Slipper. This rare pink and white orchid is one of at least two wild orchids blooming in the township, the second being the equally lovely Greater Yellow Ladyslipper. More of my orchid photos are here.

Living In Season Newsletter
The July 2009 issue of Waverly Fitzgerald's delightful seasonal newsletter Living in Season featured another one of my "moonshots", this time for the Barley Moon of August.

Among the Leaves
Look for me rambling among the scarlet foliage, gloriously leaf strewn ridges and golden fields of the Lanark Highlands during the late harvest and the autumn magnificence of September and October. Watch for me at seasonal fairs and festivals too - autumn is my favorite time of the year.

It is a busy time of the year for a small design atelier and photo studio like the KerrdeLune Design Works.

A number of area shops are carrying items for the holidays from the studio. Perfect Books on Elgin Street in Ottawa has cards and prints for sale. Cindy's Candle Accessories in Lanark carries our holiday cards, and prints may be ordered from Cindy too. Serendipity Books and Gifts on Wellington Street in Ottawa also carries our cards. All three shops carry beautiful items for the holiday season and are wonderful venues for acquiring thoughtful gifts.

If you are interested in purchasing cards or prints and are not near any of the shops listed in the preceding paragraph, please feel free to send me a message. Contact information is on the main page of this site.